Nett Lake Water Treatment Facility

Meyer Contracting competed earthwork, utility work and provided project design oversight for Professional Architectural Services, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

The Final Design and Construction of the Water Treatment Facility Overview; The system is designed for 75 gallons of water per minute. The Building Facility is 900 square feet, and the exterior is constructed with finished spit face block a metal roof and vinyl siding at the gable ends. The interior of the building consists of a Prepackaged Ground Water Treatment System and Chemical Injection Equipment to remove Radium, Arsenic, Iron and Manganese from the existing wells.  The interior is plumbed with schedule 80 process piping to connect the water supplies from the 3 existing wells to the Filter Equipment, Chemical Feed Equipment and Backwash Water Disposal Trench System.

The construction on the exterior of the building site consists of; one Backwash Water Disposal Trench System, two 3-inch water supply lines connected into 3-existing wells, there is a 3-inch stub out from the exterior building for a future fourth well, and a 6-inch watermain plumbed out of the building after the Filter Water Treatment Unit to distribute treated water to the community.

The pump house control and communications system operates the main control panel for the wells and water tower controls in the community. The IPS control system is connected to the system water tower via cellular modems located at the new treatment plant and the existing water tower. The tower level is transmitted to the WTP control system to allow for trending and well starts and stops. The WTP control system also interfaces with the additional control system and mirrors many of the important information on the system control screens for monitoring and trending. The electrical system also includes a propane backup generator and service entrance automatic transfer switch capable of handling the full load of the facility.

Nett Lake, MN

Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, Nett Lake Public Works

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