Legacy Ship US Bank Stadium

Meyer Contracting recently completed the Legacy Ship project at the new US Bank Stadium project in Minneapolis, MN. Our work included digging the foundations for this new water pool on the plaza of the Viking’s stadium, concrete work, vault setting and finish work. We are not involved in the final elements of the ship installation so the project is still ongoing but our work is completed. We received an email from our client regarding this project expressing their gratitude and thanks for a job well done. They mentioned that this project could not have been completed without our expert assistance in the field and office. Thanks to our Team for another job well done!!


Minneapolis, MN


Mortenson Construction
MN Vikings


Demolition | Concrete Structures | Utilities | Concrete Flatwork


Mortenson Construction

Prime Contractor

Mortenson Construction

Major project items included:

Excavating foundations for new water feature on the plaza of US Bank Stadium

Setting of the vault and concrete flatwork

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